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Window Shades

Window Shades

Unless your home or office is located in a remote area, you’re going to need some window treatments to block out the sun from entering a room while also giving you some privacy when night falls and you have to turn the lights on. While options are aplenty, window shades are a simple yet highly effective solution available in a multitude of styles, materials, colors, and patterns. As opposed to window blinds which consist of slats, window shades utilize solid lengths of fabric that move up or down through the use of a cord or a mechanism.

Besides providing privacy and blocking out light, window shades do a great job of adding a dash of décor to any room without having to worry about added foot space. Even a plain window shade can be spruced up and they can even be purchased without having to order them custom made if your window is a standard size.

Though window shades share similar qualities, there are different types. Roller shades, for example, are simple shades that use a pulley system to roll the shade up and down. Roman shades hang down flat when closed but will roll up into horizontal pleats using a cord.

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