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Are you frequently dealing with light entering a room, washing out the colors of your living room or perhaps causing unwanted glare when you’re watching a film or your favorite television show? Window blinds are here to save the day. These window treatments largely consist of horizontal slats that can be easily controlled to allow a certain amount or no light to come in at all.

When determining which window blinds to go with, one of the things you’ll need to consider is whether you’re seeking something that will filter light or if you want a blackout option. Light filtering blinds allow you to adjust to a comfortable amount of light, something that may work well in a kitchen or dining room for instance. A blackout option will, as the name suggests, get rid of light entirely.

Another factor to consider with window blinds is whether or not you need something with operable slats. Wood shutters, for example, allow you the flexibility of being able to tilt the slats of the blinds to be able to see outside and control light. It’s important to figure out how you wish to operate your window treatments before deciding which option works best.

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