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Are These Window Treatments a Better Option?

The classic wood blind look is a timeless one that remains a perennial favorite. However, despite the look of these blinds, they may not necessarily be the ideal choice. The price may be an issue or the place you intend to install them may have a lot of moisture, which can easily ruin these beautiful, pricey blinds. Is there a way to achieve a similar look without having to deal with these two roadblocks?

Indeed there is. As their name implies, faux wood blinds look like wood but are actually “fake” wood made from a type of vinyl material. They are carefully grooved and painted to give off the appearance of genuine wood blinds. If you’ve ever seen them in person, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell from sight alone that the wood is not real. These faux wood blinds are also coated with a UV inhibitor which significantly improves the durability.

Besides giving off a convincing look of real wood, faux wood blinds can be purchased in more than fifteen different colors and are generally available with a wood-like look or something embossed or solid. Not only can they withstand lots of moisture with warping, but there is also less risk of fading if the blinds receive lots of sun exposure.

Whether you prefer real wood or faux wood, always take into consideration where you plan on installing the blinds.

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