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Window Treatments and Your Sleep

Have you ever wondered how investing in new window treatments can affect your sleep quality? A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and not getting enough of it will make you more susceptible to illnesses while also affecting your mood. How do window treatments factor into this?

Privacy and protection. For an optimum night’s sleep, it’s important to feel secure and safe. If your windows are exposed or allow strangers to see into your bedroom, you may feel a lingering inquietude knowing that someone could peer inside at any time. With something like blackout window treatments, you can rest easier with peace of mind no one is peeking through your window.

Light prevention. It’s often said that a bedroom free of lights including those from electronic devices is the ideal sleep environment. Because the body is sensitive to light, a window that allows too much of it to come in will disturb the sleep cycle. Shades and blinds do a fantastic of ensuring the bedroom only allows light in when you want it, such as during the daylight hours.

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