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The Appeal of Cordless Blinds

In the past, most blinds involved the use of a standard cord. As window treatments continued to evolve and phase out the common use of cords, today’s modern blinds do not require cords for purposes of tilting or raising. Today’s cordless blinds are safer and easier than ever to operate.

While they’re referred to as cordless blinds, it’s important to note that shades and blinds still have a cordless function, it just happens to be conveniently hidden inside the material. As opposed to the customary action of pulling a cord to move the blind through a pulley, the press of a button allows you to push or move the blinds to a preferred position. Upon letting go of the button, the blinds will remain locked in place in that desired position. Other options have a rail at the bottom that allows you to simply raise the blinds to a position you like.

Cordless blinds are more than just a great option for families. Because of their effectively simple design, they make for an eye-catching, sleek piece of décor that will create a sense of uniformity across the home. By choosing cordless blinds, you can stick to a unified and consistent solution so that you don’t have a mish-mash of window coverings with and without cords.

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