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Dressing up Windows That Are Close to Each Other

There are windows and then there are the windows that are close together. This unique scenario may create a greater challenge when it comes to determining how to best dress up these windows as you’ll have to figure out a solution that works for the limited space between them.

An option you may wish to consider is mounting window blinds and shades inside the frame of the window. With this option, your windows will emanate a uniform, smooth look without having to worry about the risk of overlap that may occur should you opt for outside mounts. Make sure that your measurements are precise when you’re ordering your window treatments. If the inside mount sounds like a good idea, you can go with aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds, cellular shades, or bamboo shades to complete the look.

If your windows are comprised of a single frame, another option to consider would be an oversized window treatment. With this look, the room will appear to have a single large window, potentially enhancing its look. This option also simplifies controlling the degree of light you would like in the room as you’ll only have a single lift mechanism to deal with. If a single large shade sounds like the way to go, consider the use of roller shades or roman shades.

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