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What Window Treatment Works Best for Regally Large Windows?

Have you ever noticed those large windows in a home and wondered how they manage to simultaneously look impressive while also allowing plenty of light to come in and making a room appear larger? There is definitely a case to be made for large windows, but you’ll also have to take into account what the best window treatments for these large windows would be since they don’t fit the standard mold. Let’s take a look at a suggestion or two.

If your windows have a greater height than they do width, you can’t go wrong with cellular shades which offer plenty of style, are easy to use, and also manage to make a room look wonderfully inviting and cozy. You have plenty of leeway when it comes to what type of shades work best for you. Opt for gentle filtering or keep the room private and free of external light sources by choosing blackout.

For something adding a dash of sophistication and eye-catching grace, drapery works wonderfully with large windows. Go for ripplefold that slides across the full width of the window and uses a convenient rod as an option. If you have several large windows next to each other, you can go for drapery that installs on the outside edges to save money.

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