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Treat Your Home Windows Right

Have you ever noticed the blinds in your home? Many of us grow up in homes with open windows, where there was no need for window treatments. Even as adults as we move away from our home and into our own apartments, we still have no use for window treatments because they already come with them. It’s until we help our friends or family move into their new house that we notice the importance of blinds. Their homes look beautiful; however, we realize that their windows are outdated and have too much sunlight seeping through the windows. Then we walk into their master bedroom and notice that the sun comes in through their room and sets on the other side of their home. With no window treatments they have no chance of getting rest in the morning and no privacy for themselves, especially since every home has neighbors on each side living there.

Most people don’t realize or get around to treating their windows until it’s disturbing or broken. So, it’s good to be ready and have a plan in place. For instance, let’s say your friend has a baby and one on the way. He’s going to have to use a room as a nursery. So consider the function of the rooms so that you know what window treatments to use. Once the purpose of each room in your home is defined then you must know your options.


Blinds usually are the cheapest and made of metal or wood. They may not be stylish, but they serve their purpose.


Shades are a bit more expensive and made of fabric. There are three types of shades: roller which come down like canvas paper, roman which have an elegant fold, and honeycomb which provide more insulation for your home. The more layers they have the more energy they save.


Curtains are usually what most people use in their homes because they are so affordable and easiest to use. However, fabrics fade over time so you might want to replace them after a while. Depending on the space, make sure to have curtains that match with your home.

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