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Window Treatments for Your New Home

You’ve recently purchased a new home (congratulations) and you’re looking to add a dab of décor with some window treatments. However, you’re running into a slight roadblock in that you can’t figure out what window treatments to use in certain rooms beyond the bedroom. Allow us to shed some light on this, pun intended.

The kitchen is the one room where the window treatment you use is likely to take a major beating because of how often that area of the home is used. Depending on what food you like to prepare or how often you do it, there is a risk of dirtying the window treatment with grubby or wet hands. Additionally, the various odors can cling to the window treatment, especially if you use something with fabric. Metal or wood blinds or solar shades are a great kitchen choice or you could opt for cellular shades which require minimal hassle when it comes to cleaning.

For the bathroom, you’re going to have to take moisture into account as this will be a daily occurrence. Hence, you may want to go with cellular or solar shades. Because of the plastic material, keeping them clean and moisture-free is incredibly easy.

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