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Are Faux Wood Blinds Right for You?

With window treatments, you have a world of possibilities to get creative when it comes to your options. Add a tinge of elegance with some drapery, create the perfect home theater with some blackout shades, let light into the bedroom and then keep it out at night with some blinds. With so many options, the ones we would like to tell you a little more about today are faux wood blinds.

Namely, you may be curious as to how faux wood blinds differ from blinds that utilize real wood. Examining faux wood blinds, you may notice that most of them are made of a type of PVC vinyl material, albeit a highly durable type. This material makes the blinds highly resistant to the elements such as heat, moisture, and humidity. They can also resist scratches better than a real wood blind. Thanks to their UV rating, the chances of experiencing warping or fading are practically non-existent, which means these blinds will last you for many years to come. If you don’t mind the “faux” aspect, you can enjoy an attractive look of real wood without the cost.

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