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Stay Cool in the Summer with Window Treatments

The summer temperatures are practically begging for spending the day at the beach but realistically, many of us have responsibilities that require us staying at home and keeping the air conditioning running. However, too much use of the A/C will result in some steep bills. Thankfully, window treatments are here to help shave some money off of your bill and keep you cool.

Let’s kick things off with awnings. These can cut down on solar heat gain by more than sixty percent if your windows are facing towards the south according to the Department of Energy (DOE). To maximize savings, consider choosing light colors for your awnings so that sunlight is better reflected.

Here’s a no-brainer: keeping drapes and curtains closed during the summer when light is coming through can cool things off a few degrees. However, it’s the type of fabric and the color you choose to go with that will ultimately determine heat gain reduction. Drapery with medium-colored fabric and plastic backings in white can chop down these gains by more than thirty percent, per the DOE.

Provided they’re properly installed, window shades are incredibly effective at saving energy, the caveat being that they must remain drawn. Roman shades, for example, can insulate as well as act as an air barrier.

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