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Shades or Blinds?

You might think that there’s no difference between window shades and blinds. They both block light, they both give you privacy, and they can both make your room look beautiful. However, there are big differences between them.

Shades often don’t have slats to let in light. Most of the time, they look like giant squares of fabric that you can let up or down. The big difference is that you have to pull your shades down to cut off your light, instead of adjusting slats. If you like the idea of motorized window coverings, though, then you should look at shades. Shades are motorized, while blinds are often not.

Blinds are usually made of wood and have slats that can be adjusted for the amount of light and privacy you want. Only the slats can move, unlike shades where the whole window covering can move. They’re great for a sophisticated, classic look. Plantation shutters are an especially popular choice for homeowners.

In spite of all the differences, there’s one thing for sure. Blinds and shades are both great additions to your home, and you should consider getting them.

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