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Dealing with Light Entering a Window

Do your shades or blinds allow light to come in from the sides? In the world of window treatments, this is what’s called “light gaps”. The gaps typically occur when blinds and shades are not made to fit correctly to the sides of a window. If the gap is not there, there is a possibility for the slats or fabric to scrape against the window frame, potentially causing damage. These light gaps are particularly common in blackout shades, which is generally an option preferred when a customer wishes to achieve complete darkness.

Thankfully there are options available to deal with light gaps, one of these being “tracks” that will cover up gaps as well as allow a shade to move freely up and down. You may have spotted them on shades used in hotel windows. These light blockers can work with window treatments such as blackout roller shades or roman shades. However, they are generally not suited for use with popular options like plantation shutters or drapery. If these gaps are a major concern for you, it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re shopping for something that will not allow any light whatsoever to enter a room.

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