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Window Treatments for Your New Home

You’ve recently purchased a new home (congratulations) and you’re looking to add a dab of décor with some window treatments. However, you’re running into a slight roadblock in that you can’t figure out what window treatments to use in certain rooms beyond the bedroom. Allow us to shed some light on this, pun intended. The…Continued

Are Faux Wood Blinds Right for You?

With window treatments, you have a world of possibilities to get creative when it comes to your options. Add a tinge of elegance with some drapery, create the perfect home theater with some blackout shades, let light into the bedroom and then keep it out at night with some blinds. With so many options, the…Continued

Stay Cool in the Summer with Window Treatments

The summer temperatures are practically begging for spending the day at the beach but realistically, many of us have responsibilities that require us staying at home and keeping the air conditioning running. However, too much use of the A/C will result in some steep bills. Thankfully, window treatments are here to help shave some money…Continued

Shades or Blinds?

You might think that there’s no difference between window shades and blinds. They both block light, they both give you privacy, and they can both make your room look beautiful. However, there are big differences between them. Shades often don’t have slats to let in light. Most of the time, they look like giant squares…Continued

The Best Window Coverings for Privacy

Sometimes you just want to relax, escape from your duties, and have some time to yourself. If you’ve got the wrong blinds, however, then getting your privacy will be more difficult than it sounds. If you want blinds or window shades that can give you lots of privacy, check these out. Roller shade screens are…Continued

Cellular or Rolling Shades?

With their great flexibility, shades are a great option that offer plenty of versatility. Mount them on the outside of a window, inside of it, the choice is up to you. As opposed to blinds, there are no slats that allow light to creep in, instead being comprised of a continuous panel of fabric. If…Continued

Shades for the Outdoors

Window shades aren’t just for the indoors. There are plenty of options for outdoor shades as well. If you want to decorate your patio, or just get some shade outside, then think about installing outdoor shades. One of the options you can look at is a roller shade with a cable system. The shade can…Continued

Try These Window Treatment Combinations

Window treatments can serve useful or aesthetic purposes: they can block out light, create a soft glow, and provide privacy. Additionally, they can give an otherwise drab window a welcoming look. How you choose to go about creating this look is entirely up to you, but there are combinations you can use if you’re having…Continued

Dealing with Light Entering a Window

Do your shades or blinds allow light to come in from the sides? In the world of window treatments, this is what’s called “light gaps”. The gaps typically occur when blinds and shades are not made to fit correctly to the sides of a window. If the gap is not there, there is a possibility…Continued