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Most Common Window Measuring Mistakes

Whenever determining the size and dimensions for your window(s), it is paramount to get the correct measurements before choosing and installing the coverings. Here are some of the most common errors made when doing so, and how to avoid them.

  • Assuming That Similar Windows Are The Same Size

Just because windows appear to be the same does not mean that they are.

  • Measuring Blinds Instead of the Window Opening

One of the most common mistakes is to measure for the desired covering rather than the window itself.

  • Not Measuring In Three Places

Always measure the height and width in these three places: top, middle, and bottom. It is rare to find a perfectly square window.

4.) Not Measuring Depth

Depth is essential because it determines if the blinds will protrude or not (depending on your choices)

5.) Not Using Measuring Tape

The most accurate measuring tool is without a doubt a steel measuring tape. Wooden rulers and flimsy rulers for tailors just won’t do.

6.) Mixing Up Height and Width

We all make mistakes. It is quite common to mix the numbers for these two measurements.

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