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Privacy, Views, and Window Treatments

Allowing natural light to come into a room can create a wonderful source of illumination, and it may even bring your furniture and décor to life. Plus, having a view to the outside is also a major plus. Depending on where your window is located, however, it may reduce your privacy. For example, if the window is in front of the home and so is the living room, you may not like the idea of people being able to “look inside” when you’re entertaining guests or watching television.

This is where window treatments such as drapery, blinds, or shades come in. You could opt for something like a translucent window film to add a layer of privacy to that window, but then you may have to sacrifice control. In other words, you probably won’t have the option of adjusting or filtering just how much light you want or what degree of privacy you need.

With a window treatment such as blinds, on the other hand, you have the freedom of choice. You can adjust the slats to exactly the angle you prefer which will allow light to enter the room in varying degrees while still giving you privacy control. You can also get creative with the window treatments, such as layering blinds with drapery, which is another perk for homeowners looking to flex their interior design muscles.

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