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Roman Shades or Roller Blinds?

By now, you should probably know based on previous blogs just how important it is to take into consideration your window treatments and what you decide to use to cover up or accentuate your interior. If you’re on the fence between roller blinds or Roman shades, allow us to present a few differences between each one to help you with your decision.

When drapery just won’t do due to factors such as the size of the window, Roman shades are here to save the day. You may find that these shades also work great in creating a serene, tranquil look, especially in small spaces. When you want to keep the attention on the windows without affecting the light coming in, these are worth considering.

Roller blinds provide a virtually limitless amount of options thanks to the sheer variety of sizes available. They are practical and are fantastic at tying the décor of a room together if you have chosen not to go with an option such as blackout shades. If the room you intend to add window treatments to is a high-rise or if your home is on a block with no view, roller blinds can also work quite well.

Regardless of which of the two you ultimately go with, we can provide you with whichever works best for you.

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