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Improve the Look of Your Roller Shades

Roller shades are a standard that has stood the test of time and remain highly appealing. What may turn off someone from choosing roller shades may be the mechanical roller, which may not work with whatever décor you’re aiming for. Thankfully, there are ways to adapt them so that they look stylish and create a modern vibe that complements the window.

As opposed to mounting them on the wall just above the window, you may consider installing the roller shades inside of the jamb. This method will allow the shade to give off a look that appears as though the roller shades belonged there all along instead of being added to the window by someone who simply put them up with a hammer.

When purchasing roller shades, you may have the option for something called an integrated valence. The fancy name simply refers to the piece of metal near the top of the shade that hides the appearance of the roller. While the valence has its use, consider matching it to the color of the shade if possible so that the mechanism is concealed and not immediately visible.

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