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The Versatility of Plantation Shutters

Among window treatments, plantation shutters remain incredibly versatile and provide a great alternative to custom drapery. In fact, plantation shutters may increase the value of a home and it’s not uncommon for them to be financed into a home’s purchase because they are just that desirable.

Plantation shutters are distinguished largely by the slat sizes which tend to be large. Because of the large size, plantation shutters allow for a significant amount of light to enter a room as well as creating plenty of air flow so that the interior remains cool. Even with the more than generous amount of airflow and light they allow, plantation shutters still do a fantastic job of blocking out light when it’s not wanted while also creating a layer of privacy.

The demand for plantation shutters has increased exponentially thanks to their versatility in regards to their design. They can be used in modern décor or as a way to complement a vintage look. In a home, they also remove the need to update the blinds or window furnishings based on the season.

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