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Faux Wood or Real Wood

Among the various decisions needed to be made when determining window treatments, one of them will be choosing the material and style. For example, you may find yourself trying to figure out whether to go with faux wood or real wood. Both of these options are available through All Blinds Miami.

Real wood blinds are known for adding an aura of elegance and charm to the room they are placed in. If your goal is to create something that feels rustic or traditional, natural is a good way to go. These blinds are also lighter than faux/artificial ones and may, therefore, be easier to operate. If your intentions are to sell the property they’re being placed in, real/natural blinds may also increase the property value.

Faux wood is a comparably less expensive option that offers great value for the money while still maintaining an eye-catching appeal. You may also be able to find these blinds in a greater variety of looks, which may better match with the existing décor of the room they are going to be placed in. Also, if you intend to install the blinds in an area where they may get wet, faux is a much better option as it removes the risk of warping should the blinds be exposed to humidity and moisture.

Real wood, faux wood, whichever option works best you can rest assured that we have the window treatments necessary.

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