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Add Elegance to a Room with Shangri-La

Shangri-La® shades are recognized for their translucent sheer fabric vanes and they are flexible in that they are able to be positioned in several different ways based upon the level of privacy desired. Keep them fully open, close them entirely, or adjust them anywhere in between to allow some light in while still maintaining privacy control. In contrast to other window shading options, Shangri-La also allows the option of raising even if the vanes remain open.

Shangri-La maintains a perennial style and they offer an elegant method of sprucing up a room with a simple yet effective light filtering solution. When these blinds are open, a gentle light can add life to a room without being overwhelming, Once they’re closed, Shangri-La provides the same level of functionality as that of drapes or shades.

The material used to make Shangri-La ensures long term durability. Being waterproof, you can rest assured that these blinds will last for many years whether you choose materials such as linen or polyester. You can also purchase these stylish blinds with the option of motorization for easy operation.

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