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Window Coverings: More Than Just Decor

The perfect window treatment is more than just blinds or drapes covering your window. Depending on what room you intend to use them on, it’s imperative to take into consideration some key features to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the window covering.

One major thing to consider with window coverings is light control. We’ve mentioned that window coverings make a lot of sense if you intend to use them for a room such as a screening room where you may wish to have minimal light in order to create a better theater-like experience. With that in mind, you should take some time to determine how much light it is you want. Block it out entirely or go with an option that will allow you to gently illuminate a room, bringing some of the darker corners to life. The right window covering may also help you save on electricity.

Speaking of electricity, your window covering can assist with energy efficiency. South Florida doesn’t really have a genuine winter season, but the right window coverings such as those with air pockets can help keep things a little warmer when those temperatures dip into the low 70s and beyond.

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