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What Length Should the Drapes Be?

So you’ve decided to install drapes in your home or business. Congratulations! Though they’ve been usurped by blinds, draping does remain a popular option. Once you’ve settled on them, however, you’re going to need to determine the best length. Should they hang just above the floor? Should they pool? You’ll need to take this into account.

Pooled drapes have earned an undeserved reputation for requiring a significant amount of maintenance, but today’s drapes can be cleaned much easier thanks to improvements in the material. You may wish to consider what room you intend to pool the drapes in. A formal dining room, for example, might be enhanced by pooling the drapes, creating a sort of regal ambiance that would work well if the room is frequently used for formal occasions.

While pooled drapes emanate a feeling of opulence, floor-length drapery can give a room a sleek look. The key here is to make sure that the length is just right so that they don’t hit the floor or happen to be too short. Get your dimensions right, and floor length drapery can really enhance the room’s modern appearance.

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